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Members networking at the May 2019 meeting

Do I qualify?   Scan the list below of our current member specialties.  If you provide long term care services, or provide support services for those professionals, or provide services for their long term care or financial professions...  then Yes! You Qualify!  Most of our members have one or more specialties like these: 

Outside Professional: Ancillary Service Provider
Outside Professional: Association
Outside Professional: Banking/Lending/Financial
Outside Professional: Consultant
Outside Professional: CPA/Accountant/Auditor
Outside Professional: Government
Outside Professional: Information Systems
Outside Professional: Insurance Professional
Outside Professional: Lawyer
Outside Professional: Management Consultant
Outside Professional: Other
Outside Professional: Reimbursement Consultant
Provider Industry: Assisted Living
Provider Industry: Home Health Agency
Provider Industry: Hospice
Provider Industry: Hospital
Provider Industry: Independent Living
Provider Industry: Nursing Home
Provider Industry: Other
Provider Industry: Retirement Community (Continuum)
Provider Position: Accountant
Provider Position: Admissions; Social Work
Provider Position: Billing; A/R; A/P; P/R Specialist
Provider Position: Business Manager, Financial Service
Provider Position: Controller; Finance Director
Provider Position: COO; Executive Director
Provider Position: Financial Supervisor
Provider Position: Human Resources
Provider Position: Management Information
Provider Position: Nursing Home Administrator
Provider Position: Nursing; Clinical; Therapeutic
Provider Position: Other
Provider Position: Owner; Board Member; CEO; CFO
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