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Thursday, August 22 Association for Long Term Care Financial Managers Presents Bookkeeper Forum

Thursday, November 21 Association for Long Term Care Financial Managers Presents Bookkeeper Forum

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The ALTCFM Bookkeepers Forum is for members only and meets quarterly. At this meeting, accounts receivable bookkeepers have the opportunity to discuss with their peers the billing and collections issues that they experience on a daily basis. The goal of the group is to share our collective knowledge and experiences to improve all of our collection efforts.
Follow up to the Feb 2024 Bookkeeper Forum, click here for provider # distribution for the 4 staff Convalescent workers at DSS.  


Topics discussed at recent Bookkeepers Forums
  • Medicare Pre-Pay Probe audits
  • Medicare Part D
  • Obtaining insurance denials for pay-starts or TPLs

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5/21/20 Bookkeeper Forum

11/26/19 Bookkeeper Forum

5/30/19 Bookkeeper Forum


8/30/18 Bookkeeper Forum


11/29/17 Bookkeeper Forum


5/26/16 Bookkeeper Forum


9/22/15 ICD-10 Program Follow Up Alert
  • Click here to find CMS notice SE1408. This notice includes guidance on billing for residents who discharge from the facility on Oct 1 and have billable services in Sept. Per the guidance if the resident discharges on Oct 1 the entire bill should be billed using ICD10 codes NOT ICD9. Remember that you cannot bill both 9 and 10 codes on one bill. These claims have been put into suspense in the system with a notice that this is a temporary issue and the provider does not need to do anything. We are currently attempting to speak with someone regarding the extent of this suspended status.


8/27/15 Bookkeeper Forum


5/21/15 Bookkeeper Forum:
  • Email address for RCH is
  • CMS has changed the claim reopening effective date to 1/1/16. There is a nice little guide in the revision – Revised: SE1426 – Scenarios and Coding Instructions for Submitting Requests to Reopen Claims that are Beyond the Claim Filing Timeframes – Companion Information to MM8581: "Automation of the Request for Reopening Claims Process"


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